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Marco & Company was established in the beginning of 2007 on the basis of the long-term trade experience on the local, European and Far East markets.

As a trading agency, Marco & Company specializes in providing services in the field of business cooperation between partners from the EU and China and India.

China and India are the main point of interest for Marco & Company. Currently they are one of the fastest-growing and most far-reaching markets, not only on a local, but on a global scale as well. Long-term business experience and numerous trade contracts have proved that products from these countries are not only of attractive price, but also of high quality. Through our expertise and great knowledge about the local markets we can maximize the potential of these dynamic markets for the development of your business.

If you are interested in making the most of our valuable experience and would like to start the cooperation with the clients from the Far East, we are willing to take this challenge. Marco & Company can offer you help with finding a suitable business partner. Moreover, it will take the responsibility to maintain regular contacts and provide a complex service of trade transactions.

Being a trading agency, Marco & Company specializes in car accessories such as: warning triangles, first-aid kits ,safety vests, as well as LED light sources.

We invite your cooperation!